A developmental approach to global leadership

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MA in Applied Psychology – Developmental Psychology

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ICDL Founding President Stanley Greenspan, MD () Stanley Greenspan was the founding president of the Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning and founding president of Zero to Three: The National.

Katwyk () asserted that global leadership development should be part of the strategic plan of any organization that wants to flourish in the global market. The purpose of this paper is to provide a model for global leadership development. The model indicates that there are three steps necessary for a leader to become a global leader.

" Spiral Dynamics. Mastering Values, Leadership, and Change." Don Edward Beck and Christopher C. Cowan. Don Edward Beck has been an inspiration to many of us engaged in the process of Change during the long transition we experienced in South Africa as the old regime gave way to the New Order after the elections in Michelle D.

Wilson is Co-President of WWE, a publicly traded (NYSE: WWE) global media company. In addition to co-leading and executing WWE’s day-to-day operations and strategy, Michelle is responsible for all of the company’s revenue lines. Driving Business Performance Through People Performance.

Aon Leadership Consulting attracts, identifies, develops, and coaches high-potential talent, from entry-level supervisors to boardroom executives. The future of an organization depends upon its ability to develop the performance capabilities of its leaders, managers, and employees.

Successful organizations demonstrate a clear pattern of leadership having the ability to communicate an explicit vision and provide tools for their people to achieve results.

A developmental approach to global leadership
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