Development of new university sports facility

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UWE invests in state-of-the-art sports facility

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Innovative Solutions Building Research & Development Facilities

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Intramural Field

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Financing Options and Facility Development

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feasibility analysis of sports & recreation facility development in porter county the feasibility of new/improved sports and recreation facility development within Porter County. area). The Sports Facility Reports "SFR" online newsletter was created in to provide interested individuals within the sports industry with information about teams, sports facilities, the development of new facilities, revenue streams, lease agreements, and other reference information related to sports facility.


University of Houston Athletics Awaits Development Facility

Intramural sports play a key role in keeping Oral Roberts University students in tip-top shape and soon, there will be a new Intramurals Complex for multiple sports! Innovative Solutions Building Research & Development Facilities.

Advances in research facility design and construction focus on maximizing the functional life of the research spaces, allowing for the most flexibility in configurations of laboratory spaces, and the ability to expand or contract research programs without sacrificing functionality of the spaces.

The university’s athletic department hosted a media tour of the new Ryan Fieldhouse and Walter Athletics Center on Wednesday to show the project’s progress since it first broke ground back in.

NEW SPORTS FACILITY IS DESTINED TO TAKE THE FIELD. Intramural sports play a key role in keeping Oral Roberts University students in tip-top shape and soon, there will be a new Intramurals Complex for multiple sports!

Development of new university sports facility
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