Fbla business presentation guidelines for high school

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Alabama FBLA

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FBLA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Prepare a critical balance. Wisconsin Regional/State Leadership Conference Competitive Event Guidelines & Adviser’s Handbook Do you want to introduce your middle and junior high school students to the world of business? They can FBLA Facts Introduction to Business.

TABLE I - COMPETITIVE EVENTS SORTED BY EVENT NAME – HIGH SCHOOL ELIGIBILITY GUIDELINES A business speech based on FBLA-PBL goals, current events, and/or relevant business topics created and articulated by competitors. Presentation Individual or Team. FBLA offers over 70 skills-based competitive events for high school students.

Academic competition include tests, presentations, and interviews. Students compete individually and in teams. Competitions begin at the state level and culminate in recognition at the National Leadership Conference. Business Presentation This section includes the guidelines for the Alabama FBLA Competitive Events.

These guidelines Competitive events can be helpful in building school spirit and in publicizing a business program. Competitive events should not be used to. attention all fbla members!

This is the FBLA Membership Presentation that was shown at the first FBLA meeting of the school year. It contains a lot of.

Give the school a name and decide upon a mascot, school colors, a school logo, and a mission statement/slogan. The publication portfolio should include a letterhead, a business card for the athletic director, a booster club donor card, and a rack card.

Fbla business presentation guidelines for high school
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