Milpa agriculture vs industrial agriculture

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Food Systems, Sustainability and Climate Change

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Food Systems, Sustainability and Climate Change

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Industrial Agriculture and Small-scale Farming

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations has formed a committee to research the sustainability of peasant subsistence farming systems in response to climate change predictions. Milpa agriculture is a traditional farming system practiced in Mesoamerica, particularly Mexico.

The ‘three sisters,’ namely, maize, squash and beans are planted on the land for two successive years, and thereafter, the soil is allowed eight years to lie fallow to recover its fertility naturally.

Secondly, as agricultural activities cannot be easily subjected to a fixed routine, supervision is very, large-scale production cannot be carried to the same extent in agriculture as in industries. In agriculture, so much of the task depends on individual skill and efficiency.

Secondly, as agricultural activities cannot be easily subjected to a fixed routine, supervision is very, large-scale production cannot be carried to the same extent in agriculture as in industries. In agriculture, so much of the task depends on individual skill and efficiency.

Milpa agriculture is a form of swidden agriculture that is practiced in Mesoamerica. Traditional Milpa is planted with maize, beans, and corn. Industrial agriculture is a modern faming that produces a life stock, poultry, and crops.

Milpa agriculture vs industrial agriculture
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Traditional vs. Industrial Agricultural Production of Maize in Mexico