New york city and carnegie hall

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Restaurants Near Carnegie Hall, New York City

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Restaurants Near Carnegie Hall, New York City

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New York City: Carnegie Hall

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The towering Isaac Stern Auditorium at Carnegie Hall is one of those dignified, iconic, and bucket-list-worthy New York City performance venues that can be enjoyed at any age--though because of the grueling staircase workout of up to steps to the top balcony, patrons not seated on the ground level may wish to go while their knees are /5().

The Parker New York is a well-liked 4-Star hotel located about miles south of Carnegie Hall and roughly a 1 minute stroll. With a average guest review rating of 4/5, this makes it one of the first-class hotel options near Carnegie Hall. Part-time CarnegieCharge Representative Carnegie Hall – New York, NY Single ticket sales, subscription series sales, contributions, workshop registration, and inquiries for information on Carnegie Hall.

The city has an abundance of concert halls, but none is quite so storied as Carnegie Hall New York. Musicians of all walks and genres—Russian composer Tchaikovsky, rapper Jay Z, songstress Judy Garland and the Beatles—have entertained crowds in the venerable space; indeed, playing the venue looms as something of an unspoken benchmark in many artists' careers.

Carnegie Hall Seating Chart. Use our seating chart for Carnegie Hall in New York to locate great seats to all the upcoming shows and concerts here at Event Tickets Center. The venue map features a seating chart with a layout of each section so that you can hand pick the seats you want.

Carnegie Hall. Matching the artistry and grandeur of the world’s most iconic music hall, the event spaces at Carnegie Hall lend elegance and style to your special events—from corporate dinners and conferences to non-profit galas, spectacular weddings, and intimate celebrations.

New york city and carnegie hall
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