Unit 107 learner outcome 1

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Unit Support learning activities Outcome 1 Support the teacher in planning learning activities In order to support the teacher it is important that as a teaching assistant you are involved in the planning process of how the lesson will be delivered, reviewing and evaluating how the.

Learning outcomes. There are two learning outcomes to this unit. You will: 1. Be able to prepare for a themed face painting 2. Be able to carry out a themed face painting Outcome 1 Practical Skills The learner must: 1.

prepare for a themed face painting 2. design a 2D image Unit Aims The purpose of this unit is to introduce you the learner to the world of themed face painting. In order to address these Learning Outcomes, the Unit Chair could create 2 assessment tasks that focus on these ULOs (For example, a research assessment task on adolescent development, and, a group presentation on the nature/nurture debate).

UNIT 15 - LEARNING OUTCOME 1 back to Unit 15 - Resolve customer service problems. Lessons. - Describe an organisation's customer service and complaints procedures. - Describe techniques to identify customer service problems and their causes. Unit Shampoo and conditioning Unit aims This unit should enable learners to know the effects of shampoo and conditioning and be able to shampoo and condition hair under supervision.


UNIT 5: LEARNING OUTCOMES. On completion of this unit students will be able to: Discuss the different types and styles of selection interviews; Describe the .

Unit 107 learner outcome 1
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