Visual merchandising in bata

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Visual Merchandising Rules

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Visual Merchandising Rules

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The new storeintroduces Indian customers to a global concept that exposes them to an improved in-store visual merchandising experience, unified throughout all Bata stores across the world with a Red & White colour theme.

Deepak Chakravarty is an achiever and goal oriented design professional with the drive and ability to work with all levels of an organization so as to integrate his design and visual merchandising skills with the overall business operating strategy. Visual Merchandising Techniques Discussed at Training Course in Thailand From July 11 to 16, Bata Thailand hosted a Visual Merchandising course in the country for participants from Thailand and Singapore.

A good visual merchandising display is one that focuses on one product or a small family of products. Putting too many diverse kinds of products in the same visual display area can result in the display being confusing to customers. Visual Merchandising focuses on various aspects of consumers, which include sensory pleasure, affective pleasure and cognitive please.

Visual merchandising can also play a role in the look, feel and culture of a brand.

Visual merchandising in bata
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