Will pushing horlicks into new categories

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Kellogg, Reckitt Benckiser join queue for a glass of Horlicks

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Horlicks as a brand under GSK has passed the test of time. It is a brand that has a high brand awareness when evaluated via recall and recognition and at the same time enjoys a strong brand image too, resulting in a positive brand equity. In a radical departure from convention, GSK Consumer is pushing Horlicks, its superbrand, into new product categories.

The strategy could be. GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare is leveraging on Horlicks' brand equity to get into new categories.

Will the move pay off? It would be foolish not to leverage the equity of such a brand. Thus, GSK Consumer Healthcare has decided to use the brand to get into new categories.

In. In a radical departure from convention, GSK Consumer is pushing Horlicks, its superbrand, into new product categories. The strategy could be a growth supplement or a brand destroyer.

“A buy into Horlicks will not only give it instant shelf space in the healthbeverage category, but also help it expand into other categories such as biscuits, a space where it has had an initial failed attempt,” said a senior executive formerly associated with Kellogg.

There‘s Horlicks Lite for the elderly who often have a sugar problem and for the youth there is Horlicks Nutribar With Horlicks Nutribar, positioned on the twin planks of health and convenience, GSK Consumer Healthcare has leveraged the brand to venture into an entirely new product category — energy cereal bars.

Will pushing horlicks into new categories
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