Wilson species new interdisciplinary essays


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Spicer edsPerception, Action and Imagery.


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Robert A. Wilson

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Start your journey in education today! On the impossibility of a monistic account of species / John Dupré ; On the plurality of species: questioning the party line / David L.

Hull ; The general lineage concept of species and the defining properties of the species category / Kevin de Queiroz -- Species and life's complications. de Queiroz K () The general lineage concept of species and the defining properties of the species category.

In: Wilson RA (Ed.) Species: New Interdisciplinary Essays. MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 49– Donegan TM () What is a species? A new universal method to measure differentiation and assess the taxonomic rank of.

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Rob Wilson received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Cornell University in, and has taught at Queen's University, Canada (), and theUniversity of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (), where he was a memberof the Cognitive Science Group at the university's Beckman Institute forAdvanced Science and Technology.

WASHINGTON POST Kress is the co-editor of “Living in the Anthropocene,” a new book by the Smithsonian that puts our current dynamic age in context through more than 30 essays by experts in disparate fields all affected by our changing planet.

Wilson species new interdisciplinary essays
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